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Playing To My Own Tune

My Incredibly Weird Life

Marty McFly
9 June 1968
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Marty McFly was once your typical Hill Valley teenager, meandering his way through school and dreaming of becoming a rock star. Then, at the age of 15, his dreams apparently came true when a man called Carlos promised the teen he'd play a sold-out concert by the end of the week if Marty just came with him in his car. Too bad Carlos turned out to actually be a Faerie looking for fresh entertainment. Marty was trapped in the Faerie home world, Arcadia, for two years, forced to play near-endless concerts and being sculpted to look more handsome for his captors. His only friend was his fellow captive Doc, a half-mechanical man who'd been captured by the Fae years ago and was willing to do anything to keep Marty from going through the same hell he had.

Eventually, the pair attempted an escape through the Hedge separating Arcadia from Earth. Marty made it back home, but was cut off from Doc in the process. And upon returning home, he'd discovered he'd been replaced by a duplicate of himself. Now he feels his only hope lies in finding his best friend again.

An AU Marty McFly, preBTTF mixed with "Changeling: The Lost." He's a Fairest Muse with great singing talent and a tendency to sneak off to the Nexus to see his best friend.

Dear Multiverse // Changeling: The Lost // Marty McFly's Wikipedia Article // Profile Code by discventus

Role-Play Journal for dear_multiverse, maintained by docsgirl. Credit for the original BTTF/Changeling: The Lost crossover idea can be given to geno0823 -- my universe is an adaptation.